Empty Street

<img src=”http://hobartdaily.com/pictures/may08/emptystreet.jpg” alt=”©hobartdaily.com - Empty Street” />

This a shot i took long ago, so long ago in fact that I still used film! (gasp) and was taken from a traffic island in the middle of the night. Its also the latest in my <a href=”http://hobartdaily.com/category/photo-series/hobart-by-night-in-black-and-white/”>B&W Hobart by Night</a> series

The Parliament of Tasmania

<img src=”http://hobartdaily.com/pictures/may08/parliamenthousenight.jpg” alt=”©hobartdaily.com - The Parliament of Tasmania in Hobart by Night” width=”500″ height=”330″ />

Time for another shot for my <a href=”http://hobartdaily.com/category/photo-series/hobart-by-night-in-black-and-white/”>Hobart By Night in Black and White</a> series, this time of Parliament House in Hobart.

The Parliament of Tasmania consists of the Tasmanian Legislative Council and the Tasmanian House of Assembly. The head of the State Government is the Premier of Tasmania.

War Memorial

(c) hobartdaily.com - The Hobart War Memorial by Night

Old Hut

©bichenodaily.com - An old Hut near the side of the Tasmanian Highway

(Originally published at Bicheno Daily)


©hobartdaily.com - An intersection at Night in Black and White


©nocolour.com - Dingys on the foreshore at Bicheno, Australia

Dingys on the foreshore at Bicheno, Australia


©nocolour.com - A church looking a little sinister in Black and White

Dining Out

©hobartdaily.com - Dining Out

Red Becomes Black and White

©nocolour.com - Sunset

This is the black and white version of the Red Sunset i posted today at Hobart Daily. While lacking the colour, it is still striking none the less


(c) nocolour.com - Ruins near Jericho, Tasmania

This is from my Road to Jericho series

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